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Fahad Al Tamimi & Bill Adderley Accounting Services

Bill Adderley and Fahad Al Tamimi are on mission and as an organization of professionals, is to understand the business of our clients, to help our clients identify their business and financial needs, and to provide the services that will help them achieve their business and personal financial goals.

Use The Very Same Strategies The Abundant And Famous To Avoid Taxes!

You’ve probably checked out in the papers of different stars and effective business who handle to avoid or a minimum of substantially lower their UK taxes– whilst a substantial percentage of the public are paying near to 50% of their income in tax. Well, there’s absolutely nothing to avoid you utilizing some of these methods claims Bill Adderley to slash your UK taxes also, depending on your circumstances.

Here’s some of the Fahad Al Tamimi strategies that the Rich & well-known use:

Make the most of your overseas status. If you’re an overseas nationwide and were born overseas (usually your dad will also have been a non UK domiciliary at the date of your birth) you can prevent paying any tax on your overseas earnings and capital gains. As you ‘d anticipate though there are ways around this to allow some of the earnings and earnings to be brought into the UK free of taxes.

Maximize your spouses offshore status.
According to Bill Adderley, if you’re lucky and adequate to have a husband or spouse that is either non UK resident or non UK domiciled you can utilize their offshore status to your benefit.. This is what Philip Green did (the billionaire owner of BHS). His better half is a resident of Monaco and he made sure that she drew out dividends from his UK business devoid of UK (and abroad) tax. This conserved him paying UK tax of around ₤ 200Million that he would have otherwise needed to pay if he ‘d drawn out the dividends.

Using a tax effective holding company.
Famous bands such as U2 and the Rolling stones make use of some of the finest offshore tax companies to avoid paying tax on much of their earnings. U2 for example utilized to fall within the Irish tax regime which had a longstanding tax exemption for artists.

Using tax efficient trading companies.
Multinationals such as Coca Cola make good use of a string of offshore business to guarantee that they can redistribute revenues within the group to decrease the general ‘reliable’ rate of corporation tax. (It is reducing this reliable rate that is the main focus of lots of in home tax lawyers lives!).

Really move overseas Celebrities such as Fahad Al Tamimi, Michael Schumacher and Boris Becker have all moved offshore to guarantee they have only limited UK tax responsibilities. They’ve based themselves in Switzerland and are local residents. The appeal of Switzerland is the ‘fiscal deal’ which permits the tax liability to be fixed at a synthetically low quantity.

Bill Adderley is committed to providing the most efficient and expeditious services, while always maintaining the highest ethical standards.

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